DAIVA FOUNDATION has been set up with a philanthropic outlook to support and serve children with any concern and help parents to journey through difficult times.

The motto of the initiative is to see that these children are properly nurtured with compassion, love, and cooperation from one and all. It is our endeavour to facilitate and generate enough awareness so that these children whoever are capable enough for a smooth transition to mainstream education and also lead a better life. It is hoped that the initiative will end up in fruition with the sincere efforts from our end.

Clinical Programs

School Program

Early Childhood Education Curriculum for special needs children, Vocational training along with self help skills

Vocational Training

This program is offered to older individuals who can support themselves and even achieve financial independence

Speech Language Therapy

Speech-Language Pathologists provide a wide range of services, mainly on an individual basis

Playway Therapy

Learning social play, Control temper tantrums, Knowing the environment, Turn taking

Internship program

Open to senior school and college students as part of their degree completion.

Parent Counselling

Counselling session is conducted for parents to create health awareness, discuss general concern, ward handling

Why us


A one stop place where your child can attain functional life. We emphasize:

At Daiva

Early intervention for children having developmental delay.

Sensory integration

Recent advances for drooling problems

Cognitive behavioural therapy.

Music based therapy


Visual tracking and concentration exercises


Young adult program:

Sensitising life skills with real life situations.

Good touch and bad touch

Role play

Tips to parents

The key to starting points for remediation is understanding how to foster one crucial psycho-social trait; resiliency. Resilience is a social skill that is honed over time, but in a child with Autism and other special needs, this can take a while to learn and when learned, can be demonstrated inconsistently. Environmental “triggers” and contributing factors can hamper rate and consistency of progress and performance, contributing to the child’s disorientation of person/place/time and reduced episodic memory. In layman’s terms, the opposite of resiliency is the previously discussed transitioning difficulty.

Teach Causality

A neurotypical child begins to understand the basics of Causality and the concept of action/reaction early in their developmental lives.

Teach Humor

Developing a sense of humor is one of the most important byproducts of being resilient.

Teach Play

Play skills development is a crucial, fundamental readiness indicator for a child to learn social skills, particular one with Autism.

Teach Categorization Skills

Structured language development intervention is crucial for the child with special needs who may have challenging behaviors and gaps in their lexicon.

What our happy parents say