DAIVA FOUNDATION has been set up with a philanthropic outlook to support and serve children with any concern and help parents to journey through difficult times.

The motto of the initiative is to see that these children are properly nurtured with compassion, love, and cooperation from one and all. It is our endeavour to facilitate and generate enough awareness so that these children whoever are capable enough for a smooth transition to mainstream education and also lead a better life. It is hoped that the initiative will end up in fruition with the sincere efforts from our end.


The brainchild of such a kind of facility was formulated by 2 enthusiastic individual’s viz. Abira Das and Vishalini. V.Udikeri.


has been actively working in the SON RISE program for autistic children and Muscular Dystrophy for many years during her stay in the UK. With her core background in Human Development and research she has mastered the art of ‘Joining in’ through years of experience working with special children.


has more than 15 years of experience in early childhood education and background in psychology. She specialises in teaching children through art and craft, puppetry and story telling. She excels in the form of ‘visual teaching’ through charts, models, flashcards.