DAIVA FOUNDATION has been set up with a philanthropic outlook to support and serve children with any concern and help parents to journey through difficult times.

The motto of the initiative is to see that these children are properly nurtured with compassion, love, and cooperation from one and all. It is our endeavour to facilitate and generate enough awareness so that these children whoever are capable enough for a smooth transition to mainstream education and also lead a better life. It is hoped that the initiative will end up in fruition with the sincere efforts from our end.


Daiva Blog
July 10, 2017 12:07 pm

Daiva Blog has been initiated with the aim of sharing our journey of more than 5 years associating and involving ourselves with these specially abled children. The various developmental disorders that we addressed had been very challenging yet fulfilling when we observed the positive changes in children. The parents active involvement in the day to day activities of the child only reinforced the belief in us and them that all difficulties can be overcome.

This blog is a platform for us to discuss various experiences gathered in the course of working with these children and the same from parents too.

Continue watching out this space as we share information, photos and interesting facts and figures as we continue our walk with Daiva Special School and Intervention program…..

As a first we have posted a few photographs of our children involved in various activities…..


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